Project description:
Preliminary design


Hrvatski Telekom d.d.


Slavonska avenija, Zagreb, Croatia

office, commercial

Gross area:
63.000 sqm




The project task was to explore the possibilities of different tipologies of office buildings complexes to find the most appropriate solution, in function and character, for certain corporation.

We sorted out 4 different solutions, each one with particular relations between office, commercial , public and green areas and with recognizable identity.

Main goals in design were:

  • rational use of space
  • pleasant, stimulative and vivid working environment
  • interwieving additional functions with office space > creating urban like structure of squares, streets, encounter points to enable and provoke interaction between „inhabitants“ of corporate „city“
  • forming identity toward city context
  • living, doing and building „green“



  • compact form of building with firm border toward the city context
  • public, commercial and green areas are placed in central part of the building
  • life of the „corporate city“ is withdrawn in the interior of the complex



  • loose form of building with interweaved exterior and interior spaces
  • public and commercial areas are grouped and leveled along the street  creating distinct public spaces and more complex relations toward the city
  • office spaces are interwieved with green areas in the back side of the site in a form of meander  > creating pleasant working environment



  • it is a group of buildings placed around the central park with commercial functions in one separate building
  • number and size of the buildings reflect inner structure of the corporation
  • buildings are connected with bridges with entrances oriented toward the park which is the small private part of nature and also a space for relaxation and communication



  • composition of three highrise buildings, present in a wider city context and skyline of the city
  • public, commercial and green areas are in a form of a base spreaded out across the site and inbetween highrise buildings
  • different function are interwieved in a first two levels of the building while higher levels encompas office spaces

Toni Milovac
Architect at aBWD