Project description:
Project management, general planing and site supervision


Porsche Inter Auto d.o.o.


Velimira škorpika 21-23, Zagreb, Croatia

commercial building

Gross area:
3000 sqm




The Center with showroom is located in a suburb, in a dense surroundings with expanding retail complexes aligned up by main road. The site is activated though a number of vehicle routes, passing by around the building.

The building design integrates the microlocation with roads and the different directions of the site while providing a unique look to the external and internal areas.

It is a simple trapezoid volume used as an visual extension of the existing roads by subtraction of two irregular concave forms on diagonal sides.

Extensive window cuts on subtracted volumes open up the facade. This has the effect of creating a wide „show“ window for drivers and passangers while bringing the natural light in the showroom area.

All facades are covered with perforated aluminium profile plates and the sun’s altitude makes the presentation dynamic and tactile.


Klaudija Duspara
Architect at aBWD