Project description:
General planing, project management & site supervision


Hotel  Miramare d.o.o.


Bana Jelačića 2, Crikvenica, Croatia


Gross area:
old 2 900 sqm, new 8 800 sqm, total 11 700 sqm


1905 MEETS 2005


A new, seafront hotel in Crikvenica’s centre, next to town beach, will integrate a contemporary building with an early 20th century period hotel.


It involves the restoration and conversion of the old hotel Miramare and building the new infill volume to effectively harmonize Crikvenica’s skyline when viewed from across the coastline. Old and New are integrated in their materiality and separated by distinct voids.


The idea was to use terrain hight difference toward the back side of the site to form a space for entrace and lobby in the front  and for parking and service area in the back part of the site.


On the upper levels the narrow sea front is extruded in a simple and longitudinal volume which hover obove semi –embeded base.  The hovering volume tower the adjacent buildings so its long side also have the view to the sea.  The longitudinal form of the new building together with the old hotel  create a inner courtyard, opened from one side toward the green area at the north part of the site.


The new volume,  very simple and rational in its form and construction, includes a very wide range of different functions.  Hotel’s common areas, such as entrance, lobby, restaurant, conference and wellness  are on the ground, firs and second  floor connected visually through voids and with vertical communications, staircases and elevators. Suites and rooms are on the higher  floors. The hotel have 144 rooms. We wanted to ensure views from the rooms, and yet we were preoccupied with large glazed apertures. This led to the creation of a delicate, sculptural skin; which satisfied both concerns.

Domagoj Katalin
Architect at aBWD