Project description:
Space management & interior design


Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d.


Lučićeva 2a, Zagreb, Croatia

office building

Gross area:
13.500 sqm


Working places:




The project task was to organize offices, secondary spaces, conference area and board offices on the nine floors of the existing building for Erste Bank. Offices suppose to be with maximum 10 working places.


The building was organized with central core, with staircases, elevators and sanitary groups. Facade was double skin glass facade. The depth of usable area was approximately 9m.


Considering the existing parameters,  the main communication on the floor is formed around the central core with breakthroughs to facade at the ends of longer corridors. The brakethroughs are used as waiting areas and for introducing the light and city views into the communication space. It also enable orientation in interior space.


Offices are organized along the facade, in the area of natural lighting. The area between communication and offices is used for secondary facilities, meeting rooms and little storages depending on needs of certain departments of  the Bank.


Secondary facilities  in forms of glass, metal and wooden boxes are used  for developing more complex and dinamic relations between communication and office areas.  The certain groups of offices  got  their own reception and waiting areas.


Communication corridors are, from one side, delimited with firm central core wall and from the other side with the interesting play of full and empty space.


Reception points are accentuated with thin black frames which created interesting play in experiencing  two and three dimensiones.


Materials used in interior design are cement panels in white colour for central core walls, wood and aluminium coverings for box storages and glass for meeting offices.


Colours range are refering to the natural colours of the materials, white, grey, beige and brown.

Teo Budanko
Owner and architect at aBWD