Project description:
Project management, general planning and site supervision


Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d.


Region Centres Pula and Split, Croatia

office building

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Zagreb holding was founded 2007 and it is in the ownership of the City of Zagreb. It consist of 18 branches which perform the work of the former city enterprises.  The work of the company encompasses a lot of different functions  which are divided into three business areas : municipal, transport and market functions.


Project task was to design a new Customer Centre and office spaces in the existing building on 6800sqm.


The main focus of the project was on the Customer Centre which encompasses  the activities of all branches of ZGH related to customers and which in this form didn't existed  before.


The idea was to design Customer Centre as a unique field of interaction between citizens and city services. It is also an exibition space were ZGH branches represent thier field of activities and also represent themselves as a part of the City.


The purpose of the design was to provoke communication between citizens and city services and make it more open, friendly and complex contrary to former way of conduct.


All elements of the interior design are created considering the earlier statements.


In the area of the CC every branch or few of them toghether has their on counters which are the points where customers can make transactions or get different informations. The counters are designed in a form of meander and they are open on all four sides toward the customers. Every counter is an autonomous point of a certain branch and at the same time part of the interactive field of Customer Centre.


The area around the counters is more like exibition space where different branches are represented with old photographies of the City which are related for certain branch or some relevant moment from their history or with some advertising materials.


The frames derived from visual identity of ZGH frame or emphasize some parts of the communication path or some exhibits.


One part of the CC is organized as a multifunctional space for different events, lectures, presentations etc.


Offices  are organized in one part of the groundfloor and on the first floor. The main communication on the first floor is central „street“ alight from above.  Vertical communications, meeting rooms, caffe and other social facilities are placed in this area. Offices are organized along the north and south facade.


Troughout the project in  design, selection of materials and furniture a lot of attention was payed to cost reduction so the big part of existing materials is incorporated in current solutions.  Furniture and equipment are mostly made by local craftsmen. Design was accommodated according to price and available technology.

Mirjana Krndelj
Architect at aBWD