Project description:
Preliminary design




Bol, Island Brač, Croatia

apartement complex - 33 units

Gross area:
1.575 sqm apartements
+ 895 sqm terrace




The apartment complex is located in a small town Bol on the island Brač which is eminent turistic destination. Its location is set on slope above the sea, facing south, with a great view at  the Adriatic Sea.


The idea was to form a terracing structure down the slope so that every unit have a view at the sea. The structure reflect ancient dalmatian city model. The site is surrounded with the stone wall as a border toward the chaotic neighbouring buildings. The streets are organized in a fishbone pattern with one central street and smaller transversal ones. Apartment entrances are achieved from transversal pedestrian streets leveled below the  apartment terraces to have privacy. The parking places are partially organized by the street and partially in a underground garage.


The apartments complex Bol appear as a suburban neighbourhood of garden homes flowing over a hill with the tranquillity characteristic of suburban life.


Dragana Vulić Budanko
Consultant at aBWD