aBWD is build on a solid foundation of diversfied experience


The firm brings to each assignment a comprehensive background in a wide range of project facility types, project control methods and project delivery approaches developed over ten years of working with clients as diverse as private investors, banks and industrials. The firm's skilful and imaginative application of these resources has earned our client’s respect and their continued support.

Backed by the most qualified consultants in the region, firm provides comprehensive professional architectural and engineering services to accomplish a total integrated design. Each and every one of our projects reflects our commitment to innovative design and unique functional solutions.

Our management plan is tailored to each project based on proven methods of quality control. We strive to involve the client to the maximum degree and to keep him fully informed throughout the entire process.

We can expedite the design and construction process to meet the client's needs. Whether the program demands an accelerated schedule, phased construction, multiple bid packages, multiple contractors or a combination of the above, the firm is highly qualified to recommend and implement the most advantageous project delivery approach in order to solve a myriad of unique conditions.